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Maximize Your Open House Visits: Essential Etiquette and Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Maximize Your Open House Visits: Essential Etiquette and Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

Maximize Your Open House Visits: Essential Etiquette and Tips for First-Time Homebuyers

The Sean Underwood Team recommends attending all Open Houses with your favorite Realtor. When you find yourself at an Open House, here are some etiquette tips, questions to ask, and other tips that can help you get the most from the experience.

Etiquette Tips

  1. Be On Time: Arrive within the scheduled open house hours. This shows respect for the Seller’s time and the Agent hosting the event.
  2. Sign In: Many agents will have a sign-in sheet. Be sure to sign in as it helps the agent track attendance and show Sellers how many folks were in attendance.
  3. Be Polite and Respectful: Treat the home as if it were your own. Avoid touching personal items, and if you need to open closets or cabinets, do so gently and respectfully.
  4. Ask Before Taking Photos: Always ask the real estate agent for permission before taking photos or videos inside the home.
  5. Respect Privacy: Avoid opening drawers or looking through personal items. Focus on the features of the home rather than the seller’s belongings.
  6. Limit Distractions: If possible, leave children and pets at home to minimize distractions and ensure a more focused visit.
  7. Always assume that there are cameras in the home! It’s 2024, and most folks have cameras. Be sure to keep your thoughts about the home (Positive or Negative) to yourself, while you’re inside.

Other Tips

  1. Take Notes: Bring a notepad or use your phone to jot down important details about each property you visit. This will help you remember specific features and compare different homes.
  2. Bring a Tape Measure: This can help you verify room sizes and see if your furniture will fit.
  3. Check for Odors: Pay attention to any unusual smells, which could indicate mold, pets, or other issues.
  4. Look Beyond Staging: Focus on the bones of the house rather than the décor. Staging can be deceptive, so imagine the home with your own furniture and style.
  5. Explore the Neighborhood: Take a walk or drive around the neighborhood to get a sense of the area, it’s amenities, and its overall vibe.

Next Steps

  1. Talk to your favorite Realtor! We can run comps, share community knowledge, and investigate further on your behalf. If the home feels like “The One”, we can craft an offer with you, as well as negotiate with the Seller’s Agent to get you the best deal. Having a Realtor on your side is a proven way of making the Home Buying Experience successful.

Sean Underwood Team

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